From Coach Sordello

Starting my sophomore year of high school, I was 5'5"and weighed 99 pounds! I know, not the best physique for basketball. My size put me at a disadvantage on the court, where every practice and game, I was seemingly going against someone bigger and stronger than me.  Minor bumps and bangs that are a part of the game, like boxing out, playing defense, or setting a screen, seemed exponentially harder.  I found out that many of the advantages I had at a younger age did not exist anymore (I wasn't always the smallest on the court).  Due to the struggles with my size, my confidence dwindled at an important time in my basketball career.


Fortunately, I grew up growing to a six-footer (I was still very skinny) by senior year and was able to have a successful final high school season.  However, playing basketball competitively stopped there for me as I still lacked the strength, quickness, and, most importantly, drive (mindset) needed to play at the collegiate level.

Why do I share this?  I am confident that if I knew what I know now, I would have fueled and trained my body and mind vastly differently at a young age. I would have eaten differently (maybe not so many pop tarts), trained differently, exercised my body and mind differently, and slept (hours and quality) differently.  I may not have developed into a Zion Williamson, but I'm confident my body and mind would have been better equipped for basketball and young adult life. 

That is why I am passionate about young athletes working on their craft and working on their health! It is never too early for youth and young adults to learn how to fuel the body and mind properly.  Camper's understanding, feeling, and seeing the difference in making healthier lifestyle choices could propel them on a path that takes them to the next level, whether in basketball or other avenues in life. 

About Splash

Splash was started in the summer of 2016 by PE teacher Mr. Sordello.  Splash's philosophy is for all campers to enjoy learning about the game in a hard-working, safe, and joyous environment.  Splash focuses ondevelopingf the complete player, focusing on basketball skillsandh aspects of health (sleep, nutrition, training, and mindset) for athletes to reach their full potential.  

About Coach Sordello:

Coach Sordello has been an Elementary PE teacher for 12 years.  He earned his degree and teaching credential from San Jose State University and has a Master's degree in Positive Coaching from the University of Missouri.  Coach Sordello is also a certified health coach earning his certification from the Primal Health Coach Institute. His favorite sports are basketball (of course!), golf, and ping pong.